Zombi Conqu
Worm Eye Zombie
Known aliases: Cris Cobal Alonzo (The Conquistador)
Location: Matool
Known relatives: None
Year of birth: 1085
Year of death: 1100 (1979 Zombified)
First appearance: Zombie
Portrayed by: Ottaviano Dell'Acqua

The Worm Eyed Zombie (real name Cris Cobal Alonzo) is a character featured in the original Zombie 1979 Film.


A Former Conquistador that lived on the island of Matool during the 17th Centry.  He was awoken along with other zombies from a Voodoo Curse. When Peter An Anne Are Relaxing in the forest taking a break from their hike are attacked by zombies and Brian near by comes to the rescue leaving Susan Alone in that part of the forest... she sees Worm Eye rise from the grave. Unable to move because of paralysation by shock and terror Worm Eye gets up and takes a big chunk out of Susan's neck causing severe blood loss and also infecting her. He is shot by Brian twice, but is unfazed, as he begins walking towards them, Peter bludgeons and smashes his head with a wooden cross by his grave.


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